DB SESAM Service Simulation Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

Smart solutions for your parking management

Scheidt & Bachmann offers with interval an open digitization platform for parking space management.

With a multitude of universal interfaces, interval offers individual possibilities and options for innovative, future-based, and investment-safe business models: The parking space management system can be smartly integrated into existing IT structures and thus becomes part of cross-industry concepts. Customer requirements can be responded to in a very flexible manner.

DB SESAM Service Simulation

Scheidt & Bachmann supports the digital change in the parking industry in various forms: Solutions such as ticketless entry and exit using car license plates, QR codes, UHF tags, RFID, and payment cards are gaining more and more importance alongside conventional control media such as paper tickets Acceptance.

The hardware portfolio can be adapted quickly and precisely to the requirements of the property.

Scheidt & Bachmann provides a large number of payment options and thus offers attractive options: Innovative via an app on the smartphone, contactless with bank or credit cards, by invoice as a contract customer or traditionally with cash – you can react flexibly to every request from your customers.

A strong service organization ensures optimal support for your digitization projects: through web content management, live monitoring, connectivity services, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

What is Paid Parking Access Control System?

Paid parking system is a pass automation solution for permanent users and visitors in parking areas. It is used at the entrance and exit of the paid parking lot. With this solution available to permanent or temporary visitors. With the Enpercon paid parking access control system, it’s easy to track free parking timing, parking time and subscription fees.

How Does the Paid Parking Access Control System Work?

Temporary visitors buy their tickets from the ticket machine at the entrance of the parking lot or the license plate recognition system reads the visitor plate. Subscriber visitors read the subscriber card to the reader at the ticket machine. Long-distance RFID readers can also be integrated into the system for subscribers. The system reads the subscriber’s vehicle as it approaches. Thus, subscribers can switch directly. After the ticket is bought or the plate is read, the synchronized barrier opens to the system.

DB SESAM Service Simulation

The visitor logs in and the purchased ticket or license plate record is created online. Since there is a safety photocell in the opened barrier system, the barrier does not close itself until the vehicle passes. When the visitor exits, he goes to the automatic payment machine or directly to the payment point located at the parking exit point. In ticket systems, the cashier reads the ticket with a scanner. According to the payment plan determined in the system, the amount to be paid by the visitor is reflected in the system. The cashier enters the system after receiving the payment. Prints the visitor’s receipt from the printer. Opens the barrier with a button.
What are the advantages?

It minimizes the need for personnel without the need for physical control. Reporting of permanent and temporary visitors entering and leaving can be provided. Cash account is easy.
Where is it used?

  • Municipalities paid fees in the parking lot.
  • In open or closed private parking facilities.

In the car parks of the vehicles belonging to the subscriber personnel who will stay in the park for more than a certain period of time.
What is required for a paid parking access control system?

Ticket machine, ticket scanner, automatic payment machine, ticket scanner, receipt printer, software and computer hardware for ticket systems.

Receipt printer for camera, automatic payment machine, software, computer hardware, license plate recognition system.

What are the Paid Parking Access Control System Models?

  • Working with the ticket machine
  • Working with license plate recognition system