FARO SCENE 2019 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone Backup


SCENE 2019 for Advanced 3D Reality Capture

FARO has proclaimed the discharge of SCENE 2019, Associate in Nursing advanced, integrated package platform that optimizes the card game Focus optical device Scanner product family. SCENE 2019 is specifically designed to evolve the 3D reality capture, analysis and documentation expertise across the general public safety forensics phase for crash, crime, fireplace and security designing and Traceable Construction for Architecture, Engineering and Construction markets.

A breakthrough card game innovation in SCENE 2019 permits the laser scanner Central process Unit to be leveraged at nearly one hundred pc of capability reducing scan processing times by up to 50%. Additionally, this potency scales up consequently as extra central processor cores are added.

Another card game innovation, Moving Objects Filter, permits automatic ghosting or simple removal of undesirable objects moving through a scene for instance individuals or vehicles. This considerably reduces knowledge cleanup time and energy for unwanted items.

Advanced new practicality currently enables a region of some extent cloud to be exported from SCENE into card game Zone 3D package, or different third party software packages, wherever they will be displayed in color and manipulated as a 3D model. it’s now conjointly a lot of easier to merge scans for card game Zone 3D from totally different locations.

“We will produce a number of the quickest 3D reality capture instrumentation within the world, however it’s restricted price if the info captured is cumbersome and slow to process,” declared Andreas Gerster, vice chairman Construction BIM. “FARO continues to unambiguously introduce during this space in SCENE 2019 with the introduction of computer science to filtrate moving objects, enlargement of the software’s flexibility and quantifiable, advanced progress improvements.”


FARO SCENE 2019 Sentinel Overview

FARO’s educational program is meant to instruct trainees in the operation of FARO’s hardware and software, that the client has purchased. The coaching categories are got wind of for each tiro to get valuable hands on application exposure. this may facilitate the trainees in their everyday use of the hardware Associate in Nursingd software. card game conjointly feels that after the trainee completes the coaching, finding solutions to issues or applying applications are going to be simpler. Details are as follows:


  • The training category will prepare attendees to with success attain an operators certification (see Certification necessities section for a lot of details).
  • The fee schedules for advanced additional training courses is obtained from client Service, or the Sales department.

FARO® SCENE 2019 includes the flexibility to make and export rough-textured meshes to be used in card game Zone 3D or third-party applications..


Creating a mesh needs making a scan purpose selection.

  1. Create a clipping box round the desired scan area.
  2. Right-click the clipping box.
  3. Click Create Mesh within the Active Clipping Boxes context menu.

Compatible VR Headsets

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Rift S
  • HTC Vive
  • HTC VivePro
  • Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

FARO SCENE 2019 Sentinel Not Compatible

  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Quest
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Daydream
  • Merge VR
  • Playstation VR

FARO SCENE 2019 Sentinel Other Headsets

In general, headsets that employment with a Windows laptop and are compatible with SteamVR will work with SCENE. Headsets designed for mobile devices don’t seem to be compatible.


Understanding FARO® SCENE Processing and Registration settings can facilitate guarantee scans is quickly and with efficiency processed and registered. Some settings could dissent looking on your version of SCENE.


FARO SCENE 2019 Sentinel HL Language

SCENE will show eight languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Distance and angle measure units can be modified as required. However, these setting ought to match the measurement system setting (Metric or Imperial) of the scanner wont to build the scans.

Project Folder

This setting designates the default folder for storing project information. SCENE displays the comes during this folder within the Project Selector.

FARO SCENE 2019 Sentinel HL Log Files

In general, it’s a good plan to visualize the Enable Logging box. within the event of technical problems, this log file can facilitate client service agents quickly diagnose and fix any issues.

Temporary knowledge Folder

This setting designates the default folder SCENE uses to store temporary data. In general, this could not need to be modified, however it is modified if drive area is a problem or to suits company progress, etc.

FARO SCENE 2019 Sentinel HL User Interface

This contains the Show Scanning Category toggle. Clicking this box displays the Scanning tab in the workflow interface. This tab is employed to perform on-site registration and compensation.