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Bryan ProMax Test with Sentinel HL Clone Backup

ProMax® may be a comprehensive simulation resource capable of modeling oil and gas systems from the well-head to delivery, tired one simulation!

the primary step in process is that the Production Facility wherever the whole system may be sculptural as well as the protection system and even the tank battery vent lines!


Whether for environmental or economic reasons, ProMax permits thorough analysis of production facility style and operation. assess the economic advantages and operative prices of a VRU, the impact of heater negotiant operation on oil stability, the reduction in flash emissions from the addition of a Vapor Recovery Tower, and far more, tired one model!


Gathering associated Compression

Oil and Gas Gathering

The ProMax® GIS Tool™ permits for fast, easy modeling of single or polyphase gathering systems. whether or not coming up with a replacement system or attachment in new feeds to an existing system, the GIS Tool offers the user the power to form higher choices quicker than ever before.


  • Use inputs from GIS information or Google Earth files. Formats embrace (.kmz, .kml, .shp, or .xyz)
  • Import info to ProMax for fast and simple model creation
  • Analyze system performance and enhancements for single or polyphase systems
  • Optimize node pressure to debottleneck or improve system performance
  • Tie the gathering system into different system models

ProMax permits the user to style and troubleshoot vent systems, in spite of whether or not they are high or low pressure. From PSV to the flare tip, flare systems may be simply designed and analyzed in ProMax.


  • Safety Valve Size and Backpressure
  • Header Piping Diameter
  • Pressure losses through System
  • Seal Drum Size and Pressure Drop
  • API-521 Flare Tip Calculations
  • Thermal Radiation and Noise
  • Supplemental Fuel Needs
  • Flare Height and Placement
  • Mach range
  • Air Requirements

Bryan ProMax Sentinel

Very depression systems may be sculptural as well, as well as vent lines from atmospherically tanks. The ProMax a Vent Assessment Tool TM permits for fast, economical style and validation of those systems.

  • Input Number of Tanks and Configuration
  • Calculate Flash Vapors in Battery
  • Determine Nodal Pressures
  • Include All Lines and Fittings
  • Use specialised depression Flow Correlations
  • Modify Configuration to Ensure  Compliance
  • Determine System Capacity
  • Calculate Back Pressure on each Tank

Model dehydration and hydrate suppression confidently exploitation the leading resource within the industry. Accurately simulate virtually any dehydration flow scheme, and exactly calculate the quantity of fuel or glycol needed to urge the freeze temperatures you need.


Bryan ProMax Sentinel


ProMax is standard for its ability to accurately predict BTEX and VOC absorption and emissions from oil and gas facilities. ProMax comes with a spread of tools to facilitate news emissions of those compounds still as HAPs, Greenhouse Gases, and heating Potential. These tools work seamlessly along with your ProMax models to mix method simulation and environmental news in one software system package. Microsoft Excel® property facilitates automation and customizable reporting.


Bryan ProMax Sentinel Acid Gas Removal

For over forty years, BR&E has been called the trade leader for simulating acid gas removal systems. ProMax continues this bequest and is that the most versatile and complete package on the market for a spread of acid gas removal systems, all of which may be directly integrated along with your different organic compound process systems in one simulation file!


Gathering and Compression


simply model compression trains, gathering systems, or water disposal systems exploitation accurate, strong models. With ProMax, you’ll be able to quickly verify pressure drop, heat transfer, and placement of any condensation whether or not the pipe is buried, higher than ground, or subsea. started is created even easier with the GIS Tool to import from kmz or form files.