MBS Multi Bend System Test With Aladdin Hardlock Dongle


Multi Bender has BEND first Cut last technology.

Bend first, Cut last mechanism is so important for making on consistency, repeatability, and accuracy! we have FEEDING ROLLERS with YASKAWA servo motor and Sampo (Japan) Ger reducers are holding this Feed roller in order to give consistency on pieces.

Multi Bender will give you 1,000 pieces and more exactly the dame length and its high accuracy. Easy Bender CUT first and BEND last which means They will NOT have Any device to GRIP the rule after they CUT, NOTCH, LIP, previously before bending. SO If they try to bend small pieces like 2mm radius, it is IMPOSSIBLE to bend because their machine cannot grip the rule to BEND.

  • The most reliable and economical bending machine for Bending, Notching and Lipping Cutting
  • Fully automated straight and lipping cutting system by servo control
  • Software imports industry-standard CAD file formats (DWG, DXF, NC, CFF2, DDES2)
  • Multi-Language Operations (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, etc)

About YWDS

YWDS KOREA has developed the optimally automated bending machines in the Die making industry and popularized them to customers worldwide. In the past, Die making had been produced by hand-made process however, YWDS KOREA has shown a new paradigm such as fully automated bending system as the leader of Die making industry. YWDS KOREA has not only been satisfied with the success and invested in fully automated technology for Sign industry but also, YWDS KOREA participated in a variety of international exhibitions.

MBS Multi Bend System

The software of this twisting machine produced by the Korean Company has been tested on Windows 98. As is known, Windows 98 uses a 16-bit system. The Hardlock used is one of the first products of Aladdin, one of the hardware locks using LPT, that is, parallel port. Our customer is now using the virtualized lock comfortably and smoothly.