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Aztec NanoAnalysis Software Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


AZtecFeature is the world-leading particle analysis solution for SEM. Using a combination of smart approaches, our latest release includes our FeatureExpress upgrade to combine the highest levels of throughput with accuracy; giving the high-quality results that analysts need in a wide range of particle analysis applications.

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Smart
  • Easy to Use



AZtecSynergy provides a powerful solution for the simultaneous collection of EDS and EBSD data. All of the tools to collect excellent integrated data are included in one place with no complicated switching from one navigator to another.


  • Several navigators
  • Phase selection
  • Dual image capture
  • AutoCalibration


Spectrum Analysis

Whatever your level of expertise, Aztec NanoAnalysis will be there to guide you from start to finish or give you the tools to find your own way. From automatic peak identification, to accurate quantification, AZtecLive ensures you don’t have to be an expert to get quality results.

AZtec NanoAnalysis


Collecting good quality data is only the beginning of any complete EBSD analysis. AZtecCrystal provides all the necessary tools to process and interrogate your EBSD data and to solve your materials problems. Seamlessly integrated with AZtecHKL or operated as a standalone program, AZtecCrystal sets the standard in EBSD data processing for experts and novices alike.

  • Optimised for fast processing and large datasets
  • Intuitive layout with selectable viewing modes
  • Full map, texture and boundary display, and analysis
  • Multiple advanced microstructure interrogation tools
  • Intelligent data handling with flexible templates


Aztec NanoAnalysis

The Pharmaceutical and Biomedical industries require EDS systems to show that their electronic records are trustworthy, reliable, and equivalent to paper records. AZtecPharma is designed to meet the growing requirements of the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical industries with:

  • Individual user login
  • Digital signatures
  • Data Audit Trail with viewer
  • Data tree deletion forbidden

AZtec NanoAnalysis

The AZtecOne system combines the simple-to-use yet powerful AZtecOne software and the proven stability and accuracy of Xplore Detector. The AZtecOne system is the ideal solution for carrying out a complex task like EDS as quickly and as easily as possible.

There is no need for substantial training or advanced knowledge of the EDS technique. Users can be trained in a matter of minutes and will have complete confidence in their results.


  • Easy and intuitive
  • Accurate and dependable
  • Fast and productive
  • Ideal for multi-user labs