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Fages RIDO

RIDO Software: An Advanced Tool for Digital Research

In today’s rapidly advancing digital age, big data analytics and digital research are becoming increasingly important. To be successful in this field, a comprehensive and effective analysis tool is needed. RIDO (Research Insights from Digital Outputs) software, developed by Fages, stands out as an innovative tool used for digital research.

RIDO software provides a powerful platform that allows users to analyze a wide range of data. It uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to gain meaningful insights by scanning a variety of digital resources such as texts, social media posts, blog posts, forums, and more found in web browsers.


One of the most distinctive features of this software is to collect and classify data automatically. RIDO allows users to track specific keywords or topics and collect relevant data through web browser plug-ins. For example, a marketing professional might use RIDO to track customer opinions on social media about a particular product or service. The software will collect and analyze this data and provide summary reports to the user.

Another strength of RIDO software is that it uses natural language processing algorithms to gain meaningful insights. By analyzing the content of the texts, it helps users identify trends, understand customer opinions and evaluate opportunities in the market. For example, a company can create action plans for product improvement or perform competitive analysis by analyzing customer feedback with the help of RIDO.

Another advantage of RIDO is that it has a user-friendly interface. Users can easily import data, create queries, and clearly visualize results. In addition, with RIDO’s flexible reporting feature, users can create and share reports at any scale and format.

As a result, RIDO software from Fages stands out as an advanced tool for digital research. The ability to automatically collect and classify data, combined with natural language processing algorithms, provides users with valuable insights. It also provides convenience with its user-friendly interface and flexible reporting options. RIDO is a powerful tool that can help any organization do big data analytics and gain a competitive advantage in the digital world.