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Sonardyne Ranger2 Pro USBL Test with DK Deskey Dongle


Sonardyne Ranger2 Pro USBL


(Ultra-Short Baseline) is an acoustic positioning technology used in seafloor and underwater tracking systems. This technology enables precise tracking of objects and vehicles underwater. Ranger2 Pro USBL offers high accuracy, precision and reliability for underwater operations and is used in many applications such as research, exploration, construction and marine science.

The Sonardyne Ranger2 Pro USBL system consists of an underwater transmitter (transponder) and a transceiver. The surface unit sends high quality acoustic signals and receives signals reflected by underwater transmitters. Thanks to this, it is possible to determine the position and movement of underwater objects. The system provides accurate monitoring of underwater platforms such as ROVs (Remote Controlled Vehicles), AUVs (Autonomous Marine Vehicles), submarines and divers used in underwater research.

The Ranger2 Pro USBL

system features advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques for high-precision positioning. In this way, it is possible to determine the position of underwater objects with millimeter precision. Additionally, the system supports multi-object tracking, providing the ability to track the position of multiple underwater vehicles simultaneously.

Ranger2 Pro USBL has a user-friendly interface and is easy to configure. Data is presented via a graphical user interface that allows users to monitor the location of objects in real time. In addition, the system is capable of integrating positioning data with other marine vehicles or data acquisition systems.

The Ranger2 Pro USBL system offers significant advantages in underwater exploration and marine operations. Marine scientists, civil engineers, underwater archaeologists and other maritime professionals can use this technology to achieve precise positioning and navigation underwater. This makes it possible to work more efficiently and safely.

As a result, the Sonardyne Ranger2 Pro USBL is an essential tool in underwater positioning technologies. Offering high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability, this system provides great benefits to its users in underwater research, marine operations and exploration studies.