Roehrig Shock Test with Sentinel HL Dongle

Roehrig Shock

The automotive industry is constantly developing and improving the safety, durability and performance of vehicles. In this process, shock tests of vehicles play an important role. Shock tests are a critical test method used to measure the durability of vehicles against driving and collision situations. Roehrig Shock Dyno is high-performance software designed to perform these shock tests in the automotive industry more effectively and efficiently.

What is Roehrig Shock Dyno?

shock testing software specially developed for the automotive industry. This software offers a comprehensive set of tools used to simulate, analyze and report the results of shock tests of vehicles. Roehrig Shock Dyno provides automotive engineers and test labs with key data to optimize vehicle durability and performance.

Features and Advantages of Roehrig Shock Dyno
The  offers users a number of features and benefits:

Shock Test Simulation: The software has the ability to simulate shocks to which vehicles can be subjected in real-world conditions. Thus, realistic scenarios can be created to test the durability of vehicles.

Data Analysis  the data collected during shock tests and reports the results in detail. This allows engineers to better understand test results and optimize their development processes.

Process Automation: The software saves time and labor by automating shock testing processes. It has a user-friendly interface to quickly configure test cases and ensure repeatability.

Data Management: provides effective management of data obtained during shock tests. It improves efficiency by facilitating database creation, data storage and sharing.

Contribution of   to Industry

  1. The Roehrig Shock Dyno brings many benefits to the automotive industry. These include:
  2. Safety and Durability: The software allows for more realistic shock testing to ensure vehicles meet safety and durability standards. This supports the production of safer and more robust vehicles.
  3. Improvement of Manufacturing Processes:  helps detect defects and weak points in manufacturing processes. In this way, engineers can increase quality by making improvements in the design and production stages.
  4. Competitive Advantage: The data and analytics provided by  give automotive manufacturers a competitive advantage. It helps make informed decisions to produce more durable and performing vehicles.


  •  high-performance software that enables more effective shock testing in the automotive industry.
  • Designed to optimize safety, durability and performance, this software offers automotive engineers and test labs an essential tool.
  • The data and analysis provided by Roehrig Shock Dyno provides a competitive advantage while improving the quality of vehicle production.
  • That’s why  is essential software for anyone looking to improve their shock testing processes in the automotive industry.