CAD3 Cni Informatica  Tested with Eutron Smartkey Dongle Emulator Clone.

CAD3 Introduction
Conventions adopted on this documentation.
There are several conventions (standard Window software terms and approaches) that the
operator should be conscious of before starting to work with this C.A.D. / C.A.M. Bundle.
If you are conversant with home windows and the specifications it

makes use of for consumer interface, that you may bypass this
introduction, otherwise we strongly recommend that you simply learn it earlier than continuing.
In any occasion, we suggest that the operator consults the word list of technical phrases. This
will be certain less complicated comprehension of the explanatory notes on this documentation.
This documentation, which is offered with each and every set up of the

“CAD/3” software package deal,
is available in quite a lot of types; it’s accordingly viable to consult it within the type of on line aid on
the laptop, or in the rough copy handbook variant.
The manual is split into “Chapters” and “Headings”, while the on-line support is split
according to “subject matters”.
Each heading of the guide corresponds to a aid subject, describing in full each person
command of the “CAD/3” package deal.

The entire commands implemented on this C.A.D. System are sorted in line with matter and included
in 10 Pull-down menus.

Each and every pull-down menu has a title, all 10 of which might be displayed in the Menu bar.
Furthermore, some of the more most of the time used commands on this C.A.D. Procedure are furnished in
the form of Icons.

Also the icons are sorted in line with the same method used for the commands, in order that the
Toolboxes have the identical title as the pull-down menus to which they relate.
Nearly the entire instructions of this C.A.D. Method, once they’ve been activated, call up the
valuable Dialog-field to advisor the operator and facilitate information enter.

A dialog-box is in most cases composed of a Caption, a number of Edit fields, a number of Selectable
choices, and a number of Command button.
The entire commands on this “CAD/three” package deal can also be activated both making use of the Keys on the
keyboard or the Mouse.

Nonetheless, the most amazing solution is to use each the keyboard and the mouse, depending on
the occasions.

We for that reason suggest that the operator should learn the understanding beneath utilising the mouse
and utilising the keys.
If you are utilizing the online support you’re going to word that there are a number of phrases highlighted in green.
There are two varieties:
– ordinary – with broken underlining,
– bold – with continuous underlining,
furthermore, with the aid of positioning the cursor (on the whole an arrow image) on these text items, they’re going to
switch to a pointing hand image with the index finger raised. See below.

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