CardioLine Cube Eutron Smartkey Dongle

CardioLine Cube Test With Eutron Smartkey Dongle / Clone

User Interface

cubeholter makes the foremost of the graphic potential of Windows, guiding even unprofessional users through the proper execution of all phases of the Holter take a look at. mistreatment menus, dedicated keys and guided  procedures, operating with cubeholter is extraordinarily sensible and quick.

cubeholter consists of a many windows which may be accustomed monitor all program options at identical time: from merely displaying the trace in numerous formats to confirmatory the automated analysis and printing out the ultimate document.

cubeholter has 5 main windows, every designed to direct the eye of the operator to a specific facet of the test:

the RR window displays the RR graph, the dedicated trends for every form of cardiac arrhythmia. And offers associate overall read of the take a look at due to the color writing and combined use and show of the ECG trace in compact, zoom or superimposed mode;
the families window presents the results of the morphological analysis, grouping all complexes found throughout the Holter recording into categories. It so represents the perfect tool for analysis redaction, due to its speed and efficacy;
the events window lists all the episodes detected, indicating the amount and continually permitting the user to guage them in context;
the ST window focuses the operator’s attention on ST and QT phase analysis. All the leads recorded is also displayed individually or together;
the report window permits the user to put in writing conclusions, assemble the ultimate document for printing, or choose one among the configurations saved within the system and also the proceed to print out the document. it’s additionally doable to export the document to be written get in electronic format, or to connect it mechanically to associate e-mail.

A characteristic common to all or any the windows is their direct interaction with the ECG trace displayed on the screen: the modification, enter or delete beat functions ar continually on the market, and will be applied to individual beats or teams of beats, as will the prebook output signal, or direct output signal functions. Changes is also created to the analysis mistreatment the mouse or dedicated keyboard keys.

To speed up writing of the ultimate report, every window is additionally given a free text space which may mechanically be enclosed within the final conclusions of the written document.