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ATDI HTZ PRO Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone and Emulator

What is HTZ PRO?

HTZ Pro Software Released by ATDI The exact replica of the ICS Telecom software we know is the only visible change is the Brand name. The reason for this is the agreement between the companies between the countries. Let’s find out what HTZ Pro does.
This software is RF engineering software. The data obtained from software such as Tems and Nemo are transferred to this software and the signal strength quality of the region is analyzed and the necessary information is reported to the operator.

Supported Network Infrastructures

  • 2G GPRS
  • 3G WCMDA
  • 4G LTE
  • 5G


Yes, let’s talk about 5G, this technology continues to enter our lives slowly. All the latest phones are now 5G compatible. There is no doubt that there will be many changes in our lives when it fully spreads. A doctor will be able to operate his patient with a robot thousands of kilometers away. This example is the simplest one. The defense industry, driverless vehicles and everything that needs to be managed remotely.

So what did we do?

This software is software that works with Sentinel SuperPro Software. We virtualize this dongle at the request of our customer. Our customer is very fortunate to have a backup against the risk of getting lost, stolen and spoiled. Congratulations to him.


  • Radio planning and optimization
  • Spectrum management and spectrum monitoring
  • Support for transmission networks
  • Digital cartography tools and datasets
  • Communication electronic warfare
  • IT-integration support


ATDI is a 30-year-old Company. It scrupulously examines the demands of its customers and values their demands. It develops the software it makes in line with these demands and aims to offer the best quality to its customers and is one of the rare companies that can provide this. We congratulate them and wish them success.