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The ECA Group is known for its information in robotics, computerized structures, simulation and business processes.

Since 1936 it has been developing comprehensive progressive technological responses to carry out challenging missions in harsh or restrictive environments.

Global buyers who require the best stages of protection and efficiency, especially within the defense, marine, aerospace, simulation, electricity and enterprise sectors.

The ECA Group is a gift around the world;

More than 50% of its turnover is generated through export. The achievement of the ECA Group’s export responses is basically due to the continuous improvement of reliable and progressive responses designed for markets that make extensive use of technology: aerospace, defense, electrical, maritime, offshore, etc.

The ECA Group’s ambition is generally to be at the forefront of innovation.

Today, our R&T groups are envisioning robotic structures for the year 2030, to fulfill our customers’ wishes even more efficiently.

Ecdis Simulator Software The ECA Group

Produces structures and systems of sensitive protection and magnificent paintings with an excessive technological value,

designed to operate in harsh and restrictive environments for civil and defense applications.

As professionals in robotics and automated structures, the group’s responses restrict human advertising to unsafe areas. Technological mastery and innovation Always because the ECA Group, created in 1936, has been continually innovating to provide its customers with increasingly complete answers on overall excessive performance.

The ECA Group’s understanding

Of its clients’ commercial business sports allows us to await their wishes: adaptability,

discounting of manufacturing and protection costs, integration and interoperability of responses, statistical processing, educational simulation, etc. Cooperation and partnerships The ECA Group participates in business and technology partnerships with many organizations around the world, making it feasible to improve technology responses and increase their outreach around the world.

Another key factor that contributes to the growth of the Group is the purchase of organizations with excessive

technological capacity that play with their customers as wonderful members of the family.

Exchanges of delight and business and technological complementarity between organizations also contribute in an essential way to the achievement of the ECA Group.

Ecdis Simulator Software Beyond Borders Today, the ECA Group is mentioned as a leading player around the world.

You keep expanding thoughts and responses for your clients, and increasing the geographic location of those responses. Overcoming cultural, geographical and technological borders is an integral part of the corporate culture of the ECA Group.