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Dongle emulation.

Dongle, hardware key or hardware lock may be a piece of hardware liable for package protection.

Fancied in 1980, dongles became very talked-about for package vendors preferring to use laptop independant protection.
Accroding to, the first use of a electronic device these days is in terribly pricey package,

typically geared toward atiny low core market. terribly pricey rendering and audio compounding package, for instance,

typically makes use of a electronic device to confirm that individuals use approved copy – which can value several thousands of greenbacks for one license. laptop aided style (CAD) package is another space within which the employment of a electronic device isn’t uncommon.

There a some major threats for electronic device protected package house owners

Dongles Emulator get taken (computer crime reports show that electronic device thefts are on the increase)
Dongles Emulator limit flexibility (i.e. roaming profile office)
Dongles break (the most typical breakdown is pin plug failure thanks to misaligned insertion of the key)

How will we tend to facilitate you?
Your drawback is that you just use your package outside the workplace or between a couple of computers thus you‘ve got to modify your electronic device between all of your computers.
Many folks have lost their dongles whereas in transit from one place to a different,

even a lot of dongles are stollen by staff. try and raise your package vendorif it’s doable to exchange the lost key!

Most of times you‘ll be told that you just need to procure another copy! does one belive it is truthful you would like to pay thousands greenbacks for the new software copy once a bit of hardware is lost or maybe stolen? electronic device emulation is right insurance against dongle issues. moreover, once the key‘s not on the market is it costlier to create a electronic device replacement and generally even not possible. Order the electronic device backup currently – it‘s cheaper to create the package copy of the operating key than replace dongle once it‘s lost!

Software security professionals at have developed reliable and easy electronic device copycat for fictitious character HASP4, HASP HL, HARDLOCK quick E-Y-E and Safe-Net (ex-Rainbow) security guard SuperPro, UltraPro, CPlus, Wibu / Box, Dinkey Donlge, Crypto Marx, Deskey DK2 – DK3, Eutron Smartkey, Wibu Cmstick Codemeter, Safenet Microdog, Dallas IButton, Keylok II, Sentinel HL, Sense Lock, Rockey, Rockey4ND, TDI Matrix, Secutech Unikey professional dongles.

Dongle copycat may be a product that permits your package run rather like original hardware key‘s connected to laptop. we provide electronic device copycat for Safe-Net Rainbow security guard SuperPro, Safe-Net Rainbow security guard UltraPro electronic device, fictitious character HASP four electronic device, fictitious character HASP hectoliter and Aladdin Hardlock. electronic device copycat will bypass any USB dongle key or parallel hardware key.







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