INSTRON DIS Replay V1.0 Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

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Digital Image Correlation (DIC) computer code

DIC is Associate in Nursing optical technique that compares pictures of a tested specimen’s

surface to get full field strain and displacement maps.

It creates footage which will be wont to visualize strain and displacement

over the complete 2 dimensional surface of the take a look at specimen.

DIC Replay computer code could be a self-contained second DIC package.

The computer code consumes pictures and standardization information saved by the Instron®

Advanced Video Extensometer (AVE) and works during a post-processing mode.

The computer program leverages constant tabbed vogue and graphical style of Bluehill®.


read materials testing development, corresponding to discontinuous yielding, localized necking, and more
Analyze strain and displacement on the flat surface of a neighborhooda|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a section} or part wherever ancient extensometers are impractical
Visualize and notice cracks that aren’t visible by eye
Check specimen preparation techniques by comparison one specimen to ensuing
Check for standards compliance by distinguishing localized strain that falls outside of the quality gauge length
Visualize the aspect profile of a flat flexure or compression specimen to look at strain behavior