NOVAR ESS32 iScope Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

With parallel ports not coming standard on PCs and upgrades on EMS software keys costing thousands upon thousands of dollars, The Building Automation Software Key© is the perfect solution.

Whether you manage/have a Novar system or you are a technician that services Novar Logic One this is the must-have tool.
The Building Automation Software Key© works flawlessly with both the original DOS version and the newer user-friendly version for customers that prefer a more Windows-based software to monitor their building and see graphics.

NOVAR ESS32 iScope

This very cost-effective software key eliminates the need for any other device that previously had to be plugged into your workstation in order to download, upload, change set-points, monitor, or even program the Novar Energy Management System.

The Building Automation Software Key© plugs into a standard USB port and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and the new Windows 8. The setup for the Building Automation Software Key© only takes seconds and if for some reason there is an issue, Building Automation Repair Service offers over-the-phone technical support that will have you up and running in no time.


HVAC Digital Offers

A full line of KMC Controls (Kreuter Manufacturing), Electronic valves, Thermostat, Sensors, Actuators, Pneumatic Sensors, and Valves.

HVAC Digital is an authorized Installer Contractor (AIC) for Middle Tennessee for the KMC Digital Automated Controllers and Systems. Including Native BACnet Building controllers and Native BACnet AAC Advanced Application Controllers.

HVAC Digital is an authorized Reseller for Many Control Components from Pneumatic to Full DDC Systems

iScope TM Graphic InfosystemThis powerful building management control software package provides dynamic, high-definition monitoring tools in a Microsoft®environment.
Temperature, pressure, run status, and other real-time information can be displayed in full color on pictures of your buildings or equipment to provide the monitoring information needed for maximum control. With iScope’s flexibility, you can:

  • Open multiple monitoring windows and arrange the desktop to suit your needs.
  • Open multiple remote systems.
  • Open multiple versions of iScope and iScope graphics.
    Capture online, real-time communications with remote systems for efficient facilities management.
    Mouse-Driven, High Definition Graphics Features Include:
  • Fast, easy, point-and-click control.
  • Pull-down menus with a complete array of drawing tools.
  • Importable pictures, CAD drawings, and graphics from any drawing package.
  • Animation and 3-D effects. Intuitive OperationiScope helps you move through your system easily, effortlessly.AnimationiScope gives you the power to animate any object or drawing to quickly and accurately show the status of any input or output in the system. Turning fans, for example, can show fan status.
  • Flickering flames can indicate boiler firing. Light bulbs turning on and off can show lighting status.
  • Color shifts and frameshifts allow objects or zones to change colors based on temperature or output status.


System valves literally come to life as dial gauges, digital panel meters, bar indicators, etc., communicate in graphic motions.No New Hardware Needed WithiScope!A minimum operating environment for their scope Graphic Infosystem includes IBM- compatible 486 or higher personal computer. 32 megabytes of RAM. 40 megabytes of free hard disk space. VGA monitor (600 x 800 DPI resolution recommended). Microsoft®Windows®95, 98, 2000 or Windows NT (3.51 or higher). A CD-ROM drive and a mouse. LAN/WAN compatibility. With Novar, You Know It’s Easy User-Friendly Intuitive Path Powerful Graphics Performance Proven Cost-Saver

It’s the GraphicInfosystem software package that literally provides the big picture in building management and control. Fast, flexible, real-time graphics allow you to visually monitor and adjust building conditions for desired comfort and energy efficiency levels. More Power To YouMaps, images, graphic screens, and monitoring screens can be arranged in various combinations to provide maximum monitoring and control. Animation and color and frameshifts bring the information to life.