The Programs Dongles is not sold on this site. Please do not offer. Only your existing software lock ( Dongle), can Backup.

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Dongle Emulator / Clone service

Dongle Emulator/Clone administration is a decent alternative for client who can’t utilize their dongle since it is stolen, lost, harmed or just declines to work and you lose time and cash. VIP Dongle Team can supplant physical key with dongle emulator and reestablish memory content even without dump of your unique key. The achievement cannto be ensured along these lines yet our experience demonstrates that we are succeessfull in 90% of all solicitations. Dongle Emulator/Clone administration is astonishing arrangement when time is imperative and you can’t sit tight or not entitled for dongle substitution.
In the event that you have unique key is accessible to maintain a strategic distance from this circumstance reinforcement your unique dongle now!

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About US

vipdongle.com is a venture of VIP Dongle Team working in the field of figuring out and dongle reinforcement since 2001.


Our items are presently at work in organizations over the world shielding everything from PCs, to innovative navigational hardware. By dispensing with the genuine equipment dongle it is currently conceivable to play out your PC work without the danger of harming your valuable equipment bolt.

VIP Dongle Team have built up the most progressive and solid dongle reinforcement utilities to furnish you with a 100% working contrasting option to your unique equipment dongle.

We Can

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