Sentinel SuperProGalaad Integrated

Galaad Integrated CAD-CAM-CNC Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle.

Possible all modules is active.

Galaad three could be a set of thirty two bits native Windows (ME / National Trust / 2000 / XP / visual percept / seven / eight / 10) programmes that are dedicated to intelligent driving of CNC machines, from one to five axes. Most usual applications for Galaad are 2½D edge, engraving, cutting, plasma/laser/water-jet management, glue or liquid dispensing.

Galaad Integrated “All-in-one” software package construct, it integrates in an exceedingly coherent set the entire prototyping method, and adds further modules for doable special applications. Galaad software package is offered in English, French, German & Italian.

From plan to object, process chain typically follows 3 steps : piece of work style, using 2D, 2½D or 3D CAD software package (Computer assisted Design) that produces a file containing geometrical data, as an example underneath HPGL, DXF or alternative format ; then comes the toolpath definition that’s created by CAM software package (Computer assisted Manufacturing) that generates trajectories the tool cutters can follow, typically underneath ISO G-code format ; and eventually a CNC driver (Computerised Numerical Control) to drive the machine (mill or lathe) that may turn out the ultimate form.

Design module integrated machine driver is Lancelot programme. Started directly from the CAD module, it permits the user to parameter machining method (tool sequence, roughing and finishing passes, scales, filters, perennial cycles, resuming, parcelling, etc.), set piece of work origin victimisation associate degree intuitive dashboard that has manual drive, machine-controlled tool mensuration or memorised origin management, and supervise the remote machining method whereas the user will keep click management.

Galaad Integrated  module may be used alone with its own import functions, or directly from an external CAD system which will export tool ways. It will drive 3 axes XYZ or XAZ (cylindrical machining) and even manage a trimotored orientable blade in check of third or fourth axis.

Gawain non-indexed turning module reuses most CAD functions Galaad offers, however custom-made to easy 2 awis turning. shaper parameters are freelance and may exist with edge parameters. This turning module is nevertheless typically employed by model manufacturers on a passive shaper they mount on their edge table to mix milling and turning on one single machine at low price.