OLYMPUS OmniPC Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

OLYMPUS OmniPC Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


OmniPC could be a PC-based information analysis and reportage software package

that advantages from an equivalent computer programme, analysis and reportage options because the OmniScan.


With OmniPC, the OmniScan unit will currently be used strictly for scanning whereas analysis is

performed at the same time on a private laptop. This software package may also be employed in conjunction with extra-large screens for enlarged visibility, and with keyboard shortcuts for quicker operations.

OmniPC software package advantages from an equivalent computer programme because the OmniScan software. No got to learn new software package for the analysis of your OmniScan information files.

Export C-Scan

OmniPC adds a replacement feature for corrosion applications. you’ll be able to export the entire C-Scan values to a *.txt file for any analysis. The values is envisioned within the pad, Excel, Matlab or the other software package within which you would like to try to to your analysis.