Vola SkiNordic Pro Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone.

SkiNordic-Pro is the master software of the suite. It is the management software for timing and computer data for nordic ski racing. It enables you to manage your race ( national, without points, etc..) from A to Z. It generates also export files to be sent to the FIS or to your national federation.

About the Software

Web interface which uses information from and offers the possibility to broadcast live information over the Internet (competitors on course, net times, rankings, etc..). Live SkiNordic-Pro is rented for one year period. You can also easily host the information of your competitions on your website if this is your wish.

The protection against fraudulent copies of  SkiNordic-Pro,  and Video is provided by the presence of a USB  Dongle protection key on the computer running – When purchasing software or updates, the codes allowing the software to operate are entered in the dongle. – A  Dongle can store several software components validation codes each one in its own version.
(Example : a sole   Dongle  can store the validations to use.) – In case of network use, the containing the codes for  Display Pro, and optionally Must always be plugged in the computer running.

Receives information from and processes graphical keying of it over an HDMI TV video stream. Also, a web interface offers the possibility to broadcast live information on the web page of the FIS.
This application is free of charge.

Vola SkiNordic Pro

Founded in 1935 in Alsace, VOLA RACING specializes in hardware maintenance of alpine skis, nordic, and snowboards, in the repair and the software for sports timing. Its know-how and his strong experience allow him to offer you a wide choice of waxes and tooling maintenance ski quality to enable you to maintain your equipment as a professional.

Large numbers of technicians on the circuit of the world cup as it is in alpine, snowboarding or nordic, use the products VOLA . Some athletes of the circuit European Cup in alpine skiing events are sponsored by the brand and wear their helmets ski.