MTU DiaSys 2.72 Test with Aladdin Hardlock Dongle Clone


DiaSys could be a Windows®-based software system tool that communicates with a large vary of MTU engine controllers. This tool permits the user to perform needed maintenance and coupling tasks, as well as reading and recording measure values/process variables.

DiaSys is only available to certified service personnel. Listed below are data files to be used with the DiaSys software.

About The MTU DiaSys

There are certain modules in Diasys software that uses Aladdin Hardlock Technology. Thanks to our reverse engineering, all modules that were closed have been opened. This software is a popular program used around the world as a result of our research. Another issue we noticed is that many vendors are selling this program over the internet.

However, due to the date limit on the dongle, we found that the vendors used the computer date back, and we saw that they protected it without the dongle, that is, by using the motherboard information of the computer.
This may cause problems for users in the future. Because when the computer is broken or the hard disk is broken, you can contact the seller again and ask for this situation to be fixed, and this may create an extra cost for you.
You will not have such a problem because we provide it with a dongle. You will be able to continue your work when you install the dongle on the computer you want whenever you want. As long as you don’t lose the dongle.


  • ECU-1
  • ECU-4
  • ECU-183 LOP 5 and LOP 7
  • ECU-2
  • ECS-Uni / ADEC-Uni
  • CDS/C
  • CDS/CR
  • R082
  • MCS-5 / RCS-5 / SAM
  • Gas Engine MDE
  • ECU-7 Diesel
  • ECU-7 GAS
  • ECU-8 Diesel / GAS
  • ECU-9 Diesel / GAS / BERGEN GAS
  • SXU
  • EIM
  • EXU-EMU9
  • EXU-AKM Anti-Knocking Module
  • SadeDEC

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