VIC Snap VIC-3D  Software Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


About VIC-3D

It is software that analyzes the depths of objects in 3 dimensions and the holes on them.

About The Company

Correlated was Established in 1998. The only company in the United States to produce and present digital image correlation technology to the world. That’s incredible.


Digital image correlation (DIC)

an optical measurement technique that allows full-field analysis of deformation, displacement, and stress of a material or structure.

The technique is growing in popularity, especially in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries where DIC is used to test the stress and load response of various parts and materials. High-speed cameras and various software packages help DIC expand into new applications, while also ensuring that the technique provides quality quantitative data.

DIC can be performed using one or more cameras synchronized to record from various angles.

Wood-based materials

consumed in furniture manufacturing; It can be classified into two classes as solid wood material and board products. Plate products; It is described in the literature as particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, and plywood. In addition, it is reported that the cladding boards are consumed on their upper surfaces.

Digital Image Correlation is a non-contact, optical method that can capture digital images of an object’s surface and then perform image analysis to obtain full-field deformation and measurements (Pan et al., 2009). It is reported in the literature that various software and cameras are used in the acquisition and analysis of images.


The force applied in diagonal compression tests is to compress the materials. Therefore, unlike the tensile test, the support on the base is fixed in this test. As in the tensile strength test, the tests performed on the Universal test machine at a speed of 2 mm/min were also applied to the compression resistance tests. The external moment carrying capacities (Mb) are calculated by using the data of maximum force at the time of fracture (Fmax) and the distance between the supports, in other words, the force arm (DB = 106).


About The VIC Snap VIC-3D dongle:

There is no doubt that it is a leading company in digital image processing.

Software Expensive software. It is possible that the dongle is lost or broken. that’s where we come in. Backing up dongles protects you from the unwanted situation that will happen to you tomorrow. Here again, our aim is only for well-meaning people. the purpose is to backup for protection purposes only.


What is Correlation?

The meaning of correlation; Together with probability theory, it can be defined to show the direction and strength of the linear relationship between two or more variables in statistics. The amount, binary or simple correlation between two variables is realized by considering the rotating technique.

In this context, the connection of a variable with two or more variables is known as multiple correlations. By owning one of these variables, calculations are made on partial correlation techniques for its relationship with other variables.