Autoplus Radio Automation Software Test With Dinkey Dongle Clone

This is a Radio Automation Software. This kind of automation software is greatly convenient for Radios. It used to be like that one cassette was inserted or CD players. From where to where Nowadays great convenience and benefits etc. a lot of innovation.


Auto-Plus Software is automation software coded by English and British software engineers. The dinkey, which we already know in the dongle, is a software lock produced by a British company. It includes all the features that should be in automation software. It minimizes or even eliminates the human factor in music broadcasting businesses.

Autoplus Radio Automation Features

Playing a Slogan on a Song

A slogan can be played on a song automatically in a specific position (usually before the introductory section). So listeners can think that a DJ is doing this.

Informing the DJ

The DJ can see how many seconds are left for the lyrical part of the song and set the speaking time. What’s more, a timer appearing 20 seconds before the commercial starts warns the DJ not to announce the next song. An information window can show many details about any song (eg album title, composer, songwriter, notes …).

Autoplus Radio Automation Soundtrack

You can put a sound recording on top of the songs in the broadcast list or the songs in the future playlist. As the audio track is broadcast, the volume of the main song is automatically reduced. With this feature, DJs do not have to wait on the radio for announcements, or even come to the radio for future lists.


Since your computer has a 2nd sound card, you can listen to any item (song, slogan, commercial, etc.) without broadcasting.


Advanced Log Tracking

Thanks to this feature, reports requested by copyright institutions can be easily produced and transferred to Excel, Word, HTML, and Note Pad.