Unilab Coils Eutron Smartkey Dongle Clone

Unilab Coils Test With Eutron Smartkey Dongle Clone

UNILAB COILS is the best software for the calculation of heat exchange batteries, and can be used in the air conditioning sector, fan coils, chillers and air handling units. It is an advanced calculation tool for finned or smooth tube exchangers without fins, and includes specific features for the HVAC sector.
Comparing them to the laboratory tests, the calculation results of UNILAB COILS show a very high level of accuracy, both for power and for load losses, allowing to obtain the Eurovent and AHRI certification of heat exchangers, fan coils or UTAs on the first attempt.
UNILAB COILS is the result of 30 years of experience in the HVAC market, confirmed by the experimental data and by the well-established satisfaction of our customers.
Estimates the performances of new geometries

In UNILAB COILS there are no limits to the calculation using new geometries, making it possible to analyze their performances before producing them in bulk.
COILS for Automotive radiators

UNILAB COILS is also able to calculate the performance of rectangular tube radiators, both in verification and dimensioning, making it possible to design and optimize radiators with linear fins for cooling endothermic engines, with aligned or staggered pipes.
The importance of certifying your products

Many of our customers have achieved Eurovent or AHRI certification using UNILAB COILS to test their units. When compared to laboratory tests, COILS results in terms of power and load losses are among the most accurate, and many of our COILS customers have been successful in obtaining certification on their first attempt.