SecuTech UNIKEY Dongle Emulator Backup Service

Every UniKey device contains a globally distinctive hardware ID (HID for short). The HID is generated and glued throughout the producing method and therefore can’t be changed. Providing a worldwide symbol for every UniKey electronic device, SecuTech resolution Iraqi National Congress. keeps the HID as a trailing variety throughout the assembly method.


SecuTech UNIKEY Dongle Emulator Details


Backup Instructions


  • We Need Your Software install  package. This is very important because it is necessary for the Communication Algorithm.
  • You can uplod DropboxMega, Wetransfer
  • After send me link with mail.
  • After the analyze Target software, we send you a Dongle Reader Tool.


♦ What to Know ♦

  • This site does not sell any cracked programs.
  • The purpose of this site was established to take backups of your dongles according to urgent needs.
  • Creating a patch for a software program or electronics product.
  • Performing cryptanalysis on security systems that control access to digital data.

Compatiple OS Systems

Windows 98 - Windows XP - Windows 7 - Windows Vista - Windows 8 - Windows Server - Windows 10 x86 and x64 bit

SecuTech UNIKEY Dongle Emulator Softwares