TICRA Tools SATSOFT 19.1.1 Test With FlexNet License System.

TICRA Tools could be a shared interface to multiple TICRA merchandise. within the TICRA Tools framework, GRASP, ESTEAM (previously MoM), CHAMP 3D and QUPES work along so users will mix the options of 1 product with the others to perform terribly advanced analyses and styles of advanced antenna structures.

Optimization of antennas and wave guide parts in TICRA Tools

The TICRA Tools framework comes with inherent optimization capabilities which permit the user to optimize the look of antennas and wave guide parts supported a range among five totally different and well-established optimizations algorithms to search out the one most suited to your specific design drawback.
Coupling between antennas in TICRA Tools

When totally different antennas are mounted in shut proximity of every different, e.g. on a mast or a craft, there’ll be AN inevitable coupling between them, directly or through a scattering method. The coupling feature which will be used with any product in TICRA Tools permits the computation of this, victimization any of the obtainable analysis ways for the given antenna system.
Future releases of TICRA Tools

POS are going to be integrated within the TICRA Tools framework in the future.

Pattern image and coverage polygons

TICRA Tools 19.1.1 License

styled is meant|is intended} for communication satellite antenna design, analysis and coverage coming up with. Supplier-furnished antenna patterns will be foreign and managed with the Pattern information Manager and afterward inspected and unreal on a world map, whereas coverage polygons will be outlined and displayed on the map. The SATSOFT skilled version provides advanced options equivalent to accounting for inform error and fringe of coverage contours.

Post processing with Performance Tables and Delta Pattern

Imported pattern information similarly as patterns generated with the inherent antenna models will be inspected and post-processed in many ways that in SATSOFT. Cities selected from the equipped town information will be adscititious to the map, together with inform error (SATSOFT Professional), and a Performance Table will be generated to tabulate directionality, EIRP, min/max as a perform of inform, among others. Similarly, all antenna patterns will be compared directly by generating their distinction in decibel victimization the Delta Pattern feature (SATSOFT Professional).

Pattern contour and polygonal shape export

Pattern contours and polygons will be exported from SATSOFT in varied formats. Displayed pattern contours will be exported to ITU GXT format, whereas they’ll even be exported in KML format for show in Google Earth with its huge rendering capabilities. Similarly, coverage polygons will be exported to be used in different SATSOFT comes, with POS and with STK, among others.