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syngo Ultrasound Breast Analysis Test with Aladdin Hasp Dongle

syngo Ultrasound Breast Analysis (sUSBA) could be a software-only resolution for offline review of 3D volume information and second pictures and clips from the ultrasound system. It provides fast and assured results -anytime, anywhere. The package is optimized for breast ultrasound progress, creating second review and manipulation of 3D ABVS information terribly economical. It provides image analysis and coverage with comprehensive tools for information review – dead one place.

General system data

Package licensing, dongle-protected
Patient-centered progress
Comparison of ABVS 3D images with hand-held second ultrasound images and pictures from alternative modalities
Comprehensive tools for reviewing the data; scientific instrument, interactive zoom, rotation, and scrolling
Support of various forms of annotations to mark findings
Report supports the ACR BI-RADS® North American country Lexicon Classification kind

syngo Ultrasound Breast Analysis

Multi-modality Review – the ability to Correlate, Compare and ensure Findings Each modality is exclusive and enhances alternative modalities to produce a holistic read and higher understanding of the sickness. sUSBA 2.0 provides the potential to import pictures from alternative modalities, reminiscent of second diagnostic procedure, digital breast tomo synthesis, MRI and CT.

Reporting System in Multiple Languages In addition to English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, sUSBA 2.0 additionally provides coverage in Chinese. The report may be organized to feature a lot of content, reminiscent of adding snapshots within the report.

Standalone clincal pictures might are cropped to higher visualize pathology.The products/features mentioned during this document might not be com-mercially obtainable all told countries. thanks to restrictive reasons, their future handiness can not be warranted. Please contact your native Siemens organization for more details.syngo® could be a registered trademark closely-held by Siemens tending GmbH.Windows could be a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

3D Total Breast Ultrasound combines the power of 2D / 3D ultrasound and advanced technologies with automated acquisition and intelligent workflow solutions to create one comprehensive package for ultrasound breast care. At the center is the ACUSON S2000™ Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS), HELX™ Evolution with Touch Control. A comprehensive breast imaging system that provides operatorindependent, standardized 3D imaging, it enables data consistency and generates reproducible results to improve the quality of breast ultrasound care – for you and your patients.