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TelescriptAV Controller Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle


TelescriptAV is our most popular version with its versatile feature set and easy-to-use functions. Single or Multi Script mode, customizable attributes, and many of the same features offered in PRO are available in this version of our software.

Telescript’s 10 button hand controller is the most effective way to scroll and navigate all of Telescript’s software options. The UHC100/200 enables you to start and stop the scroll, manually control the speed of the scroll, create temporary markers, navigate preset markers and invert the colors of your scroll output. The UHC100 offers one USB connection, while the UHC200 offers two USB connections for dual scrolling capabilities with a second computer loaded with Telescript software and a license. These controllers are built by our engineer right here in the USA!

TelescriptAV Controller

Our top-of-the-line prompting application. For the most demanding user, Telescript ProNEWS offers the ultimate feature set. MOS Compatibility, Runlist features, bookmarking, QuickCues, Keywords, and the ability to act as its own live update newsroom, PRO offers everything the professional operator requires for the most demanding prompting configurations. PRO can also be easily integrated into any studio setup where pre-existing newsroom systems are installed. Telescript has partnered with companies such as ENPS, news, and Octopus (among others) to offer a seamless prompting workflow.

The customized XK-12 offers users an integrated jog and shuttle ring for scrolling, twelve backlit pre-programmed keys that perform bookmark, runlist, memory/recall, zoom, full-screen prompt and edit mode commands in Telescript AV and PRO software. The XK12 controller also can be customized for Telescript TECH as a controller/dongle.

Telescript’s UHC100Wifi Controller is a modified version of our standard UHC100, but with the ability to communicate with our wireless controller.
The wireless controller enables the presenter to scroll forward and backward, Start, Stop and cycle through bookmarks in a script.

The 10-button controller can take back control at any time with a simple push of a button. The UHC100Wifi Controller Combo can be used with all three versions of Telescript software.