Iray Medical Software

Iray Medical Software SuperDog Dongle

Iray Medical Software Test With SuperDog Dongle / Clone and Emulator Iray Dongle uses SuperDog Dongle. The structure of this dongle is the same as Sentinel HL. Some of the transactions we do are, Time Limit Removed. Some missing features have been added. Removed from demo mode. Backup tested as hardware and software. What is…

DAWEI DW-C60 Plus Ultrasound Machine SuperDog

DAWEI DW-C60 Plus Ultrasound Machine SuperDog Dongle Clone DAWEI DW-C60 Plus Ultrasound Machine SuperDog Dongle Clone DW-C60PLUS echo machine with battery, color doppler ultrasound price Main features: With high precision digital beam forming and Doppler ultrasonic imaging technology, Pro incorporated the latest image processing technologies such as THI, speckle reduction, multi-beam parallel processing and efficient full-digital image management system is easy to acquire better image. Special measurement software packages, flexible configuration and ergonomical design greatly increase operators clinical diagnosis accruacy and analysis efficiency With 18650mA Li battery, enables 3~5 hours continuous scanning PC based operate platform