SONIC DICOM PACS 3.9 Software Test with custom Keygen


Simplicity First

We value simplicity above all else. That brings remarkable ease-of-use, speed, and flexibility. ImageEasy for Anyone No need to learn anything special. You can see it works as you feel.

Web-based medical imaging platform for storage, visualization, and sharing in the cloud and on-premises. Incredible speed means no stress. Helps you focus on your work.


  • Just access the URL and log in to view images
  • Secure access through HTTPS protocol
  • No additional software installation
  • No plugins/addons required
  • Available on various OSs (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • PC and tablet are supported
  • Works lightly even on low-spec devices
  • Easy integration with EMR, HIS, and RIS via URL
Key Features Share Study

Grant access to specific studies/patients via URL to Institutions, Roles, Accounts, and Guests

Control Viewing

Control which studies can be viewed per Institution, Role or Account.

Control Permissions

Control which features can be used and which pages can be accessed per Role.


Automatically place windows of List, Viewer and Report page in any position and at any size on multiple monitors

(Windows only).
Support Non-DICOM

PDF documents and JPEG/PNG/BMP images can be converted to DICOM format and linked to each study.

Reporting Tools

Easily insert typical phrases and key images into report with a click. Output finalized one as a PDF file in a  customized format.

About DICOM: Overview


Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine is the international standard for medical images and related information. It defines the formats for medical images that can be exchanged with the data and quality necessary for clinical use.

implemented in almost every radiology, cardiology imaging, and radiotherapy device (X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.), and increasingly in devices in other medical domains such as ophthalmology and dentistry.

With hundreds of thousands of medical imaging devices in use, DICOM® is one of the most widely deployed healthcare messaging Standards in the world.