Rational DMIS Test with Sense Lock Dongle


The CMM package includes a fully graphical display, thus it’s visualized, convenient and intelligent. Even while not an excessive amount of experience, you’ll be able to simply learn to use the software when some days of training.


Straightforward for operation

Rational DMIS

A friendlier, easier program has the characteristics of visualization, sturdy visibility, and straightforward operation.

Powerful Functions

With a pure DMIS kernel, the software meets DMIS standards 100 percent and realizes speedy programming on the premise of object activity and graphic driving.

Intelligent measuring and check

Theoretical parts of the numerical model are recognized, then, measuring programs get built. The functions of path simulation, collision detection, and measurement arrange to improve measurement’s controllability and predictability.

  • The wealthy diversity of output reports
  • The output reports are illustrated.

Hardware Supports

The hardware supports numerous probes, probe exchange supports, and so on optical device Scanning Modules. The module is often applied to high-speed or high-precision reverse engineering.

Pipe scrutiny Module

The module is applied to the inspection of automobile pipelines and oil ones. Gear/Cam measuring Module Cylindrical involute gear measurement: Involute coiled gear(external gear), involute spur gear(external gear, internal gear). Cam measurement, rotating shaft measurement.

Blade Analyses Module

Aero-engine blade detection analysis, nuclear blade detection analysis.

Product quality statistic and analysis.


Thus intuitive, straightforward to use, intelligent CMM package in mere some days of training, although the user failed to have a lot of experience, you’ll be able to simply grasp!

  • Powerful DMIS 5.0 programming.
  • DMIS5.0 core and no want of DMIS changing tool
  • Powerful DMIS self-learning programs perform
  • DMIS format import / DMO export
  • speedy programming model supported CAD graphic object
  • DMIS program shown in Chinese and English and intrinsical
  • DMIS Chinese and English script translation tool

Rational DMIS

in-depth application modules give users increased science performance together with measuring of gears, turbine blades, pipes, and reverse engineering. additionally, External Array’s RationalVue is employed extensively on Video activity Machines (VCMM) in SE Asia.

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With simplified programming modes, customization capabilities, and robust compatibility, External-Array’s solutions have helped the corporate establish a world name and an outsized client base in China.

RationalDMIS CMM software, developed by External-Array, options an intuitive interface and drag and drop programming, designed to assist beginner users in quickly acquiring the desired operational skills and knowledge. With functions equivalent to time period graphical display, path simulation, collision detection, and activity planning, users will enhance measurement management and visibility. In addition, the software’s high compatibility allows support for various sensors, controllers, and CMMs.