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QPS Qinsy 9.2.2 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle

Survey and navigation.Ping and done.Survey planning, acquisition, and real-time hydrographic data processing with the most stable package on the market.Simply put,it’s unrivaled. Qinsy presents the utmost in reliability, flexibility, and capability.Qinsy is a survey planning, acquisition, and real-time hydrographic data processing solution, supporting a wide variety of industries, from simple single beam surveys to complex offshore construction works.Simply put, there is no job that Qinsy can’t handle.

It has the features and capabilities to meet any client demand. And with stability that is well-known and renowned throughout the industry, clients can feel assured they have a reliable software to ensure even the most difficult jobs through to completion.EfficiencyGet the job done faster.

QPS Qinsy 9.2.2 Sentinel Dongle

Embrace the Qinsy philosophy of ensuring good data collection the first time, and “at-the-dock” product delivery. Online QA/QC Numerous real-time tools and alerts to ensure accurate data collection.Real-time point clouds and grids See your final products while you are acquiring them.

The benefits are tremendous.A proven solution for hydrographic and geophysical surveying, marine construction, and numerous other offshore applications.SurveyingMultibeam, laser, side scan, seismic, sub bottom, and magnetometer support.

QPS Qinsy 9.2.2 Sentinel Offshore applications Dredging, cable laying, pipe laying and inspection, with support to rockdumping and rigmoves.Mission planning, remote display, control, and intelligent auto-line generation. Autonomous survey mode Auto-line generation supported processed information from the previous line to confirm no gaps.

Multi-vessel supportMultiple autonomous vessels incorporated into one project. The international leader in dredging and offshore construction applications, with no limit to the degree of quality within the configuration.DredgingTools for dredge planning, monitoring, model configuration, visualization, safety, and reporting. Offshore wind farms Multi-sensor acquisition, object tracking, and cable birth support for offshore installations.

Multi-object support
Precisely track the position of multiple defined objects in support of dredging and marine construction applications.

Multi-sensor acquisition
Acquire data from multiple sensors simultaneously.

Sensor type support
Singlebeam, multibeam, laser, side scan sonar, magnetometer, seismic support, and sub bottom profiling.

Positioning and filtering
Multiple inputs (e.g. GPS, INS, tide, USBL, draft, etc.) for real-time positioning in 3D. Can be used in a Kalman filter.

Real-time processing
Real-time processing of point clouds, bathymetric grids, and side scan sonar mosaics for optimal qa/qc and rapid “at-the-dock” product delivery.