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QPS Fledermaus FMGT Test with Sentinel HL Dongle

Reasons to begin with Fledermaus Beyond the basics FMGT supports a really wide range of knowledge varieties for direct import, wherever realizations and connections are created among data types in 3D and even 4D space. The in depth practicality of Fledermaus permits its use across several phases of a project from the planning, process and QC, through to analysis and production of images, plots, and videos.Fledermaus unlocks the potential of your data, with a large style of analysis tools operating in 3D or 4D space. With quick and simple presentation tools, show your data higher than ever before.

4D analysis toolbox, with movie-making tools and integrated video. The gold customary for presentation and communication. Stereo-capable 4D visualization Functionality integrated to statistic information components.3D fly-throughs Create and record fly-throughs in 3D house.Video integration Synchronized data-integrated video playback within the scene.

Navigation support Support for navigation peripherals (e.g. bat, mouse, and space navigator).Time/space notes Set for movie-making with straightforward text/image insertion.Grid functionality Create, interpolate, mask, crop, and resample grids for the simplest potential interpretation of the seafloor.Image draping

QPS Fledermaus FMGT

Drape mental imagery (e.g. aspect scan or scatter mosaics, charts, class, textures, etc.) atop 3D surfaces.Object and surface analysis Show object and surface modification over time, and perform slope and surface distinction calculations.Object following Real-time tracking of objects (vessels, animals, etc.) via serial cable, UDP packet, or logged string.

Point, line, and polygonal shape creation Generate and export points, lines, polygons, contours, and grids in industry-standard formats.Image export Produce high-resolution graphics for reports, posters, and publications.FM Geocoder Toolbox Backscatter process and multi-frequency mosaicking, intra-vessel normalization, and seafloor characterization.

FM Midwater Processing and analysis of multibeam and singlebeam water-column information and unstable data.ESRI integration Seamless advancement with direct 2-way link to ArcGIS software.Pipeline tools Pipeline analysis (eventing), route planning, pipeline length calculations, and data exports.QPS Fledermaus FMGT Profiling Generate and export long- and cross- profiles to be used in engineering analysis.Charting support Sounding, feature, and phone choice and export to database.