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About DDX

Since its establishment, DDX has been developing software program solutions for the operators of  woodworking industry, plastic industry,

stone and glass processing enterprise, who search for innovative, dependable and user-pleasant packages.

From design to manufacturing, passing thru an easy and smooth assignment segment,

DDX software program answers are a real help for workers.

This is completed with an green and correct use of sources collectively with technologic

improvements a good way to provide the excellent solution to be aggressive on the market.

DDX is a young and dynamic corporation which carried out success way to the competence and professionalism of its crew.

DDX is aware that competence is the detail that makes the distinction;

because of this body of workers training and common improvements are often accomplished with a purpose to consolidate this aggressive gain.



  • NC Interface
  • EasySTONE NC is the operator interface of the machining middle: direct and customizable instructions enhance using numerical controls.
  • The contact-display and its catchy interface lets in to supply in a fast, intuitive and immediate manner.
  • Cut
    EasySTONE NC can do all of the cutting approaches of bridge saws. The machining processes are differentiated by cloth and thickness.
  • EasySTONE NC has got a library of predefined parametric shapes: polygons, tops, backsplashes, thresholds, etc. EasySTONE NC can import templates and DXF shapes.
  • Nesting
  • EasySTONE NC optimizes slabs, slicing series and controls slab lifters.
  • EasySTONE NC imports DXF shapes and has were given a library of predefined parametric shapes: conceitedness tops, kitchen tops, stairs, etc.
  • It’s additionally feasible to import the manufacturing listing from CSV file.
  • Molding
  • EasySTONE NC machines 3-D profiles extruded linearly, on a DXF guideline or on predefined parametric shapes library.
  • EasySTONE NC has got a library of predefined parametric profiles and import profiles in DXF layout.
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