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PackDesign PackADM V 23 Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Emulator, Clone.

PackDesign PackADM

PackADM (Advanced Diemaking) is the pinnacle of the range Software Solution from BCSI Systems BV. PackADM includes all of the capability from

PackDiemaker and provides complete database pushed control.

Create Customer-Machine mixtures that include parameters for die forums, counters, strippers, blanking tools and extra.

Combined with the strength of our ActionList Tools it offers the flexibility and performance you want in a fast pace Die Shop today.


  • PackDesign Key benefits:Windows styled surroundings
    Configurable toolbars (up to 32 toolbars)
    Undo and redo as much as sixty four steps
    Previewing designs and layouts
    Up to 16 distinct products ( pattern, movie, and so on. ) configurable
    Up to sixty four different line kinds reflecting cut, crease, perforation
    Showing merchandise within the equal layout as independent layers
    Fast measuring of detailed and worldwide dimensions of a box
    Viewing and plotting using line patterns for Cut-crease, Perforation, Crease…
    Extensive Libraries for folding (ECMA) and corrugated (FEFCO)cartons
    Export/Import for PDF, EPS, AI, CF2, DDES, DXF, Diecad Elcede, PackDesign
    Export for 3-d viewings
    Advanced assist for pattern making tables
    Automatic stripping systems
    Customized network configurations
    Customized database connections
    Available in the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish (for different languages, please send request to BCSI Systems BV)