OPTIMA Opty-Way 7.3 Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

OPTIMA Opty-Way 7.3 Test With Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Opty-Way is that the final result of quite twenty years of expertise and nowadays

is that the world’s most generally used optimizer for the flat glass business.

Opty-Way, our normal formula, is a component of the Edit-Way,

Opty-Way and Opty-Way Enterprise merchandise.

It is accustomed optimize unlimited sizes of glass and sheets and, as a result of it

guarantees good output improvement for little and massive batches,

it’s additionally helpful for automatic cutting likewise as hand cutting processes.


The Edit-Way program was specifically designed to produce the operator with AN easy-to-use and quick

improvement system directly on board the machine for exceptional cases or for any price that can’t and

should not bear the workplace for order process or cutting improvement.

This can be used for manual sheet creation and for optimized pattern writing coming back from integrated

improvement tools or from workplace Opty-Way or Opty-Way Enterprise improvement programs.


Cad-Way is often used on a laptop put in next to the process machine or within the

workplace and may be combined with Edit-Way or Opty-Way improvement tools.

Even if the Optima Geo-Way parametrical library will cowl most regular shapes, Cad-Way is quite helpful

once a machine is supplied with a optical device perform or once production is predicated on numerous shapes and,

frequently, once customers offer the DXF and DWG that some changes and minor corrections square measure required.
Also helpful for vinyl cutting.