OLYMPUS PipeWIZARD Test With Sentinel HASP Dongle

Girth Weld examination System

The OLYMPUS PipeWIZARD is an automatic girth weld examination system victimization phased array and traditional UT techniques (AUT). Specially designed for in-site weld-to-weld examination in extreme environments, on-shore and off-shore.

Pipelines perform a important operate within the world economy, transporting large volumes of gas, oil, water, and alternative chemicals. Pipes are girth-welded on-site , generally victimization automatic fastening systems. For construction of pipelines, welds are the “weak spot” as this can be wherever defects tend to occur. Welds are nondestructively tested, coated, and buried or arranged on the ocean bed. because of the stern construction cycle, it’s necessary that weld defects be detected and analyzed terribly quickly.
Automated supersonic Testing (AUT)

In the last many years, automatic supersonic testing (AUT) has begun passing ancient radiography because the pipeline weld examination methodology of alternative throughout the planet. Radiography has important limitations: poor detection of flat defects, no vertical size capability, questions of safety, and environmental issues.

The advantages of AUT:

No radiation hazard, no chemicals, no licensing
terribly short examination cycle time for prime production rate
higher detection and size accuracy, resulting in lower rejection rate
Use of Engineering important Assessment (ECA) acceptance criteria with measure of vertical height and depth of indications, reducing rejection rate
time period analysis from good output show
information and examination reports on electronic support
higher management of fastening method, additionally giving lower rejection rate

Phased Array Technology

The early AUT systems used multiprobe systems with standard supersonic probes. A decade agone, phased array systems became offered. Phased arrays use electronic beamforming to get and receive ultrasound. every part within the array is severally periodic and delayed to form a large vary of beam angles and focal distances.