Nedgraphics Tuft Enterprise Test with Hardlock Dongle

NedGraphics Tuft Solutions provide a good vary of style and proofing tools that change a designer to make, visualize, and management the all aspects of a Tuft product. simply attract your cam motion, assign yarns to needles and specify the poker pattern, the result’s displayed instantly and you’re notified like a shot of any errors or inconsistencies.

Tuft professional could be a the quality version that comes with a gorgeous tag and is right for production or as extra workstations with basic practicality. Tuft professional supports needle offsets like CMC PSP, Cobble DSP and TFI/A+P Jutemover.

Tuft Enterprise is that the final answer for any Tufting Company and could be a prime quality simulation engine, with batch simulation to hurry up virtual sampling furthermore as True Coloring to make and recolor extremely realistic virtual samples.

Tuft Enterprise supports a good form of tufting machines from all major machine makers furthermore as differing kinds of yarn together with traditional, space dyed, Superba, air entangled.

The Tuft Enterprise simulation module permits sample quality printouts to be created for sample replacement, client shows, and commercialism. complicated yarns are taken under consideration, and realistically show the poker effects with gorgeous result.

A tool for yarn demand calculation is obtainable to calculate the desired yarn lengths and yarn weight. The results are often directly conferred in Microsoft surpass for additional process.


Nedgraphics Tuft Enterprise  Machine Interfaces Include:

  • Chattanooga Tufters
  • CMC
  • Cobble
  • GT Supplies
  • Kibby / Modra
  • Nakagawa / Yamaguchi
  • TFI / A+P
  • Tuftco
  • Tuftex / Danley
  • Vertical Technologies
  • Modra