OLYMPUS NDT SetupBuilder Sentinel HL Clone

OLYMPUS NDT SetupBuilder Test With Sentinel HL Clone

The NDT SetupBuilder code interface is predicated on 2 grids: Probe Sets and teams.

The grids are designed to supply fast image of probes, wedges, positions, and beam parameters.

Additional interfaces are offered for wedge and probe definition and parameter validation.

The wedge menu provides access to wedges offered within the Mt. Olympus information,

and the main points of the model characteristics together with length, width, and height.

Top, aspect and finish views change the user to envision the chosen wedge.

Similarly, the probe interface provides access to the offered probes and their corresponding parameters within the Mt. Olympus information.
NDT supervisors will use PC-based NDT SetupBuilder code to outline the

review technique and set supersonic beam parameters for his or her inspections.

Supervisors will outline the review technique either remotely or on-the-spot, while not the necessity to access associate OmniScan.

additional significantly, following the definition of the review technique, the configuration are often foreign to the OmniScan MX2 and SX thereby reducing configuration time and manipulation errors before the review.
Export/Import Your Configuration and cluster Description

All configurations supported by the OmniScan associated created in NDT SetupBuilder are often exported as an .ondt setup file. NDT SetupBuilder code also can be used as a focal law calculator. teams not supported by the OmniScan are often exported as .law files.

Export your configurations on a USB key or associate Mount Rushmore State card and import them into your OmniScan. Once foreign, there’s no got to bear the review configuration menus. simply calibrate, and also the unit is totally practical.