NAUTIS Maritime Simulator Sentinel Hardware Key Clone

NAUTIS Maritime Simulator Test With Sentinel Hardware Key Clone


NAUTIS Maritime machine product are designed to facilitate the education and examination of your students or workers.

we have a tendency to are dedicated to assist you win your learning goals and build

comprehensive instructional plans.
ou will choose between an ever-increasing variety of packages

with business specific content that suits your wants.

A solution starting from experience to navigation up to vessel handling and communications coaching.


A solution for tug-handling coaching with varied propulsion systems, realistic towing lines, and vector tugs.


A solution starting from inland  radiolocation navigation and communication to vessel handling coaching.


A solution for fishing operations coaching building familiarisation of assorted fishing techniques.


The basis of every NAUTIS Maritime Simulator solution contains the Navigation functionality package.

It is a great starting platform for navigation trainingincluding options for ECDIS, Radar/ARPAnavigation and communication instruments. Potential add-ons towards vessel handling include mooring, anchoring, variable loading conditions.