Midmark IQ Manager Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

Midmark IQmanager software

The Midmark IQ manager  software is designed for use with Midmark diagnostic products that run outside of the EMR system and make testing easy and efficient.

With IQmanager you can run all your tests from our system and have full access to your patient’s diagnostic data at the push of a button – all from your existing computer, tablet or laptop.


Reduce the chance of logon errors and the possibility of retesting. Save time by not having to re-enter patient information. simplicity

  • Just enter or update new patient information or get reports via the intuitive user interface.
  • Integrated patient management software to view, edit and store patient information.
  • Filter and sort reports by report type, report date range, and / or doctor name.
  • Using Microsoft® SQL Server Express as the default database.

Based on the Midmark IQconnect ™ framework, future updates will be sent directly to you as soon as they are available and under your control.

Blood pressure measurement is performed at nearly every patient encounter and is an important factor in on-site diagnosis, patient risk stratification and drug dose. Even small deviations in technology and measurement have a big impact on efficiency, accuracy and yield.

Midmark IQ Manager

When this option is enabled, tools running on the IQmanager® software can provide interpretation. These interpretations are intended for physicians or licensed personnel under their direct supervision only.

The suggested interpretation, numerical and graphic results should be examined with respect to the patient’s overall clinical condition. The final analysis should always be determined and reviewed by a doctor. The correct use of the test is the doctor’s responsibility, as well as the responsibility of diagnosing, seeking expert opinion on the results, and using the correct treatment, where appropriate.


These operating instructions serve as comprehensive instructions for training the user in the operations and functions of the IQmanager

The IQmanager® Workstation Diagnostic Software serves as a utility for managing patient data and managing all tests performed with Midmark digital diagnostic tools, including IQecg®, IQholter®, Midmark Digital Spirometer, and Midmark Digital Vital Sign Kit. The software also manages and stores digital information collected through digital electronic scales.