Euresys Open eVision Studio Test with  Sentinel UltraPro Dongle

Open eVision Studio

Prototype and development tools

Open eVision Studio is a tool for evaluating, prototyping, and developing Open eVision. The results of all 2D image processing functions from eVision can be recalled and displayed immediately via an intuitive graphical user interface. Script functions generate the appropriate code, which can then be copied and pasted into your application.

Open eVision Studio is free (when using Open eVision 2.0 and higher) and does not require a license.

Open eVision. Sample drawings, manuals, and sample programs included.

Code generation

Faster than reading a manual! For each function called via the Open eVision menus and dialogs, the appropriate C ++, C # or Visual Basic code is added to the script. Simply copy the relevant section into your application to activate the relevant function.

Create a template

Open eVision Studio contains functions for creating interactive templates for EasyMatch and EasyFind as well as for database management with EasyOCR and EasyOCR2 fonts.

Open eVision 3D Studio

The Open eVision 3D Studio application drastically simplifies the configuration of single and multiple 3D laser line inspection systems with the Coaxlink Quad 3D LLE frame capture and Easy3D and Easy3DLaserLine libraries.

Euresys Open eVision Studio

Sample drawings, manuals, and sample programs included.

Open eVision Deep Learning Studio

is an application that assists users in creating data sets as well as training and testing deep learning tools from Open eVision.

Open eVision Deep Learning StudioSample drawings, manuals, and sample programs included.

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