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With its intuitive program, modern special effects and powerful convergent thinker, mythical being information allows

active engineers to promptly perform structural analysis and style for standard and sophisticated structures.

mythical being information utilizes a various vary of specialty finite component analysis functions further as

trendy theories of structural analysis to render correct and sensible results.

These options contribute to higher and new standards of convenience, efficiency, skillfulness and productivity for structural style.

User-friendly interface

The user-oriented input/output functions are supported refined and intuitive program and up-to-date special effects techniques.

they provide wonderful facilities and productivity for the modeling and analysis of complicated, large-scale structures.

Intuitive Modeling

midas information allows USA to promptly produce nodes and parts as if we have a tendency to were drawing drawings victimisation the bulk of functions employed in CAD programs. Structures of normal patterns like Truss, Arch and Frame are often promptly created by Structure Wizard and inserted into the required location on the worldwide model.
midas information supports standard model generation victimisation nodes and parts further as alternative suggests that of generating models via conversion. knowledge Transfer with Tekla Structure, Revit Structures is feasible.

Complete Analysis choices

midas information provides linear and nonlinear structural analysis capabilities. an oversized assortment of finite parts has been enforced for applications in civil and building structures. The program’s economical analysis algorithms yield exceptional skillfulness and correct results applicable for sensible style applications.