Martin Maxedia PRO Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

Martin Maxedia PRO Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

Utilizing associate degree intuitive touchscreen-optimized interface, Maxedia™ is that the most easy tool for media composing and

playback altogether styles of applications. Access an unlimited library of media clips,

still pictures and integrated animations while not the requirement for a posh lighting controller.

Based on a dual-core process system, Maxedia PRO™ could be a solid entertainer with support for top Definition content playback up to 2 1080p. 2 outputs are obtainable and every may be designed as a interface or playback engine. The engine output may be split over 3 projectors for seamless widescreen pictures. Maxedia PRO™ supports a full picture element mapping engine for CMY and RGB systems.

Intuitive interface
twenty x 3D engine layers
Pixelmapping / DMX out (ArtNet and DMX 512)
one high layer
impact plug-ins
DMX-in via LAN (ArtNet) or IO-Box or Universal USB2DMX
Video speed management
2 video output configurations (Out one + GUI or Out one + Out 2)