Metacam CAD CAM Software Test With Hasp HL Dongle

MetaCAM Enterprise

Have you ever considered the gains that can be made by upgrading to software that not only offers a solid programming system but one that also gives you the opportunity to achieve further cost savings, drive flexible manufacturing and give you real-time information?

Enterprise is a top-level interface bringing together all the features of MetaCAM with the ability to automate and integrate with your business system and truly gives businesses the ability to grow and adapt the manufacturing process, whilst saving time and effort along the way with its key approach on an automated but highly flexible manufacturing system.

Workflow Data

CAM / Process data can be viewed, exported (manually or automatically) for analysis and backflushing operations.


In addition to the above CAD imports, Enterprise can also be enabled with an option inside SOLIDWORKS for direct export with material mapping, job creation, and nesting.

Metacam CAD CAM

CAD Import can be manually drawn, uploaded, mapped in production orders or Hot Folder monitoring can import as files are made available. CAD files are fully validated before any additional processing takes place, any issues are shown to the programmer for resolution.
CAD files can support PPI information for attribute mappings like materials, thickness, and comments.
CAD files support revision control, which links to the shop floor kiosk.


Enterprise is a facility database server application, this removes the need to have additional CAM files stored on a network and introduces more flexibility and speed with editing, searching, and extracting data.


Tooling is performed for a variety of suitable machines, makes, and models and like CAD is fully validated, machines can have thickness limits set so you can suppress some parts from machines based on the material gauge used.
Full CAM editing capabilities exist.


KIOSK presents the operator with an office-based schedule to follow, which also tracks completions, setup, and cycle times along with reject parts.