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Maxsurf V15

Three shrewd approaches to Play Video On Demand by way of Connecting Land line and cellular to laptop
place Patch on each Video to cover mongram , start Mark & end mark No ought to reduce records ,
that you could set specific font for every track classes.
Play Video On Demand by way of making use of All Three Modes by means of Set Time Of each Mode without Stoping Transmission,
Animated class , Clock to provide sensible look To Your Channel
opt for Songs by using on monitor list View Time given to chose video by way of queue checklist
choose music from list Displayed after each tune , performs tune instantly when chosen.
Send SMS of music Code to Play song.
Create Your possess news type looking Like satellite tv for pc Channels
three information Scroll with extraordinary velocity & color , multifont multicolor, insert bullets, pictures with scroll
three small tabs to exhibit clock, temperature with pictures, show & update cricket ranking on-line
news field to show immediate news textual content , pictures , Make unlimited news field & show themone by one
appealing animated Breaking news distinctive textual content updating function , on the spot switching
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