Ledit Pro Test With Sentinel Hasp Dongle / Emulator / Clone

Ledit Pro setting for deactivating the sample checker on loading a pattern added to “Settings editor / Checker”.
Thread size calculation modified such that with anxiety B (stitch in bore),

1/three of the length of the needle thread is used for shuttle thread.
Double sequin for sequin values 2 and three introduced to “Settings/Sequin”.
Over stitch operate modified such that it also features.

if there are a couple of extra stitches between the over stitches.
“trade needle pattern” modified such that on changing it is possible to repeat any current ini knowledge.
Loading/saving Bischoff database changed such that the stretching is learn and written.
Within the pattern data dialog box.

“save” perform delivered for saving the pattern know-how to a textual content file.
Error in the replace operate rectified. If interval used to be set to 0

a check was once now not made even after clicking the “verify at subsequent start” button.
Rounding error within the Over stitch operate rectified.
In the sample data dialog box Thread wide variety and jogging time.

renamed to Needle data and Needle pattern info. Want sample information elevated with quantity of sequins per needle sample.
Default values for double sequin 2 changed to 4mm and 5mm.
On the context menu for the 2d image view, menu command “Repeat grey” brought.

If this command is activated, repeats are displayed in gray. If this command is deactivated,

repeats are displayed within the same colour as the sew sample.
Drucken Printing the company emblem added to the Print operate.
New optimizer “anxiety elements” added.
“Equalize repeats” modified such that equalized areas are marked in color for effortless visual checking.
Calculation for distributing stitches for the soutache and LTC stitch distribution features expanded.

such that the newly calculated stitches comply with the ancient ones extra safely (especially for long stitches).

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