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MADRIX LIGHTING CONTROLS  merchandise are with pride designed, engineered, and created in European nation. we have a tendency to are making high-quality merchandise for you that are simple to use and extraordinarily reliable.
It means that that you will drastically scale back on-the-scene maintenance and support; and therefore some time and prices.For us, it’s vital to supply you the whole package.

This will not solely embrace a product that works and fits your wants, however conjointly in depth user manuals, tutorials and coaching, a worldwide distribution network for nice sales and style services, and foremost technical support.

Ultimate FlexibilityFrom the tiniest comes to the largest ones – get the simplest out of your LEDs. MADRIX® five will turn out a whole light-emitting diode display from a standard laptop or laptop computer.

Still, it will drive tens of thousands of LEDs simply. This powerful package can not solely enable you to management nearly any second light-emitting diode show in each doable means, however real 3D light-emitting diode applications furthermore. This makes it the perfect answer for your light-emitting diode project.

Ultimate CreativityBring your light-emitting diode style to life with stunning colours, stunningvisuals, and spectacular effects. MADRIX® five adapts to your wants. Use it as light-emitting diode lighting controller, VJ package, second component plotter, 3D voxel plotter, media server, or media creator. This package is extremely simple to use with a VJ-like operation, a pair of decks and a crossfader, and three time period previews to indicate your effects before.