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AMADA OKUMA ADMAC Parts Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle


Direct machining that innovates production processes

A CAD/CAM system for elements machining, it allows you to quickly and mechanically generate part programs from CAD knowledge supported the empirical data of ball-hawking programmers.The Direct Machining operate combines style and producing to understand simultaneous engineering in product development, whereas additionally enhancing reliableness within the whole production process—from CAD data to chip removal. In short, it helps you keep in step with the ever-increasing demands of the manufacturing industry.

CAD functions are straightforward to use. produce a vicinity program from blueprints by drawing solely those sections that need machining. Not only CAD/CAM but additionally constant Advanced One-Touch IGF as on a true machine will be operated on a laptop. Interactive knowledge can be used with Advanced One-Touch IGF on a real machine

AMADA OKUMA ADMAC Parts Simulation on a computer that acts rather like a real machine

Utilizing virtual resources on your computer, this technique uses correct machine models associate degreed an NC operate complete with all machine specifications to allow you to check however the particular machines can operate, and observe a virtual startup of production in 3D Virtual Monitor.

“Front loading of production preparation”*Completing pre-machining review offline reduces actual machine watching time, and improves machine utilization.

* Front loading: Burden placed (loading) on early methodes (front) to accelerate work progress

  • correct interference check
  • correct cycle times
  • See real machining operations virtually
  • Makes modeling setups thus easy!


3D simulation, cross-sectional display, clear display, body rotation, enlargement/reduction, and gear path display The optimum machining area, machining technique, tool, cutting conditions, and work process are mechanically set from the form of the blank and therefore the as-machined shape.Selection of conditions for auto-setting: Standard, longitudinal turning priority, or thwart wise turning priority The development of the optimal machining method and automatic setting of the optimal tool, cutting conditions, and machining sequence from the form of the section to be machined.Round bar, blank of uniform machining allowance, and blank of any shapeRight prism (Cuboid), Cylinder, Triangular prism, Quadrilateral prism