Genio CAD CAM Test With Eutron Smartkey Dongle Emulator Clone


Computer aided design/CAM programming incorporated in AutoCad© for parametric programming of exhausting, steering and edge-banding workcenters


Genio is an effective CAD/CAM framework in view of AutoCad© 2004 OEM enviroment (the AutoCad© motor is circulated inside the application)

The administrator can draw or import geometries and afterward apply in a quick and simple way all machinings required to achieve the ideal outcome

Machinings can be customized in parametric frame by utilizing the Genio Macro Programming Language, this permits clients to fabricate capable parametric libraries customized for their own segments

Genio permits the remote programming of a few machines from a solitary position

Genio is the correct decision for the organization that takes a gander at what’s to come

Essential FEATURES

Computer aided design environment with AutoCad® 2002/2004 motor and functionalities

Import of instruments and suction containers information from the machine control. Apparatus definition

Administration of both geometries and machinings with a few CAD

capacities (erase, duplicate, glue, move, pivot, and so on..)

Vertical, flat or inclining drillings: single gaps, gap obstructions or

gap arrangement on given geometries

Vertical, flat or inclining routings, on any processable geometry

Programming of millings lead In/Out, Start/End focuses, beginning stage, apparatus counterbalance, speeds, and so forth…

Straight or concentric pocketings on any-shape shut strong geometries with complete section and programmed acknowledgment of the inward islands (gaps) of pocketings

Cam utility for inward corner cleaning of any processable profile

(work valuable for entryways)

Administration of machinings with conic devices on shut geometries

(3D inscriptions)

Meaning of client working planes (inclining planes)

Parametric Macro programming with Excel-like full scale dialect (parametric Macro library provided with the product)

Machinings dimensioning and reports spared as Excel spreadsheet or as content record

Programmed check for projects plausibility

Representation of machinings with 3D strong view and recreation

Content and images, from genuine sort text styles, as workable geometries

Association with digitizer for focuses obtaining on a profile

Programmed era of machinings successions from a drawing

as indicated by a predefined machining profiles (Genio wizard)

Trade/import of projects to/from CNC Working Center.


The settling procedure permits to cut a rundown of any-shape boards

(pieces) beginning from an arrangement of any-shape given materials (sheets)

with the question of limit the aggregate waste. The Genio settling utility backings the accompanying elements:

Sheet chronicle programming and utilized material emptying

Piece list programming with bits of various materials (multi-work programming)

Freestyle, rectangular and guillotine cuts nestings

Pieces labeling

Supersede cutting examples physically

Printable cutting examples

Generation and prerequisites reports

Names Editor

Names imprinting on committed printer or on Windows printer

Yield of advanced CNC settling programs.


The Raster to Vector utility permits to import spared raster pictures documents as Autocad drawings that can prepared to create the journalist CNC code.

The utility backings the accompanying components:

Import of pictures put away in documents with a few illustrations designs bolstered (bitmap, jpeg, tif, and so forth..) as workable drawings

Choice of the addition point, turn and size of drawings onto the screen

Vectoralization on centerlines or on blueprints with programmed identification of substances, for example, circular segments and lines.


The Parametric programming utility permits to apply parametric limitations to existing geometries with the question make parametric the reporter tooling ways. The utility backings the accompanying components:

Parametrization of drawings with customized imperatives for existing polylines

Usage of worldwide or characterized neighborhood factors accessible inside equations

Programmed programming of preset limitations (settled separations from board edges, focusing, reflecting, and so forth..)

Setting of digression imperatives between two continuous realistic elements (Arc-to-circular segment)

Worked in parametric library.

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