ElectroCad 7.11 Test With Hardlock Dongle Emulator / Clone


Aucos GmbH is waiting for Orgatec with a new and extended version of the CAE system Elektrocad for the design and documentation of circuit and other circuit diagrams.

In addition, additional options have been provided for the automatic identification of terminals and devices. For example, it is possible to display an increased number of devices per sheet. The Aucos special keyboard is equipped with a change foil for different symbol sets.

Elektrocad supports the automatic selection of contactors, creates terminal diagrams, connection and piece lists and cross-references for devices.

An upwards compatible prototype will be presented with the possibilities that are likely to be available in the course of this year:

– more than 32 000 symbols at the same time in the direct access via online procedure by changeable keyboard layout,

– the online switching of the keyboard assignments takes place in blocks of 250 assignments each,

– online cross-reference,

– Online access to all information of the current circuit diagram with options for modification (comments, contact numbers and devices).

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